I’m Brittany. I am a current graduate student at Boston University who will be graduating with my degree in May of 2019 (ahhh!). My two greatest passions in life are design and people. This is why my undergraduate degree is in Communication from Emporia State University. With internship and job experience in creative agencies, social causes like Women’s History Month, and other creative leadership roles, I have experience designing for creative problems and collaborating with administrators, supervisors, fellow design lovers, and peers. I love designing for motion, editorial layouts, brands, research, illustrations, experiences, and projects and clients of all kinds.  I believe design and dialogue are interchangeable, and that design offers a lens for new perspectives and experiences.  When I am not designing I find myself rewatching The Office, visiting family and friends back home in Mulvane, KS, and enjoying long walks around Boston.

Want to work together? Contact me at blatham@bu.edu
Resume and CV available upon request.

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