The Curated Thresholds of Vulnerability
MFA Graphic Design Thesis
Teacher: Kristen Coogan
Boston University, Spring 2019

Inspired by the intentional disclosive nature of one’s environment and self, I further explored how our environment aids in unveiling our personal vulnerabilities through facilitating self-disclosure. 
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*Final videos and feedback to come in June, 2019.*

 In order to stimulate vulnerability, I ask participants the following questions. Some are very surface level, some have deeper meaning, but all are intended to create and foster the feeling of vulnerability. What participants don’t know is that as they are writing in the input gallery, what they are writing is being live streamed and projected to both a website and another gallery. To help maintain anonymity the live stream is on a 36 second lag from the recording of the camera in the input zone to the projection in the output zone. This relates to the idea that we are more likely to disclose when it feels anonymous but don’t fully know what happens to our disclosure and how others will relate or react to it.

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