2019 MFA Thesis Exhibition Branding
Sculpture, Painting, and Graphic Design
Boston University, Spring 2019

As students, artists, and designers we are linked through the relationships we have with each other, our work, and the outside world. Through these visible and invisible connections, we grow stronger in our roles and our practice within our respective fields. These relationships are intertwined and evolving, yet also collaborative and individual. They impact the way we not only understand our own work, but how we inevitably persuade others to understand our work as well.  Representing both visible and invisible connection as the theme for the 2019 MFA Thesis Exhibition, our identity included kinetic and static forms. Using dotted points as representation for individual moments of connection, moving lines intersect these points to create form. Digital graphics for web and social media are both kinetic and static, featuring layered intersections between lines and dots. Printed media captures static moments of the kinetic form, representing the in between, paused, moments of connection.

Design Team:
Brittany Latham, Sarah Freidman, and Casey Devaney

Parallel to the unique experience of our concept, we have created a custom alphabet to use for major headlines and artists’ names, which represents the authenticity of a connective experience. Our identity is fluid and dynamic, allowing us to physically represent and account for multiple locations, various marketing deliverables, and wayfinding, while also allowing us to account for the diversity in work exhibited.

Brand Guidelines

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