Tribute to Fallen Festivals 
Projection Mapping, Installation, Analog & Digital Media

Boston University, Spring 2019 

Tribute to Fallen Festivals is an installation that would be exhibited in the entrance of a music festival venue. Using inspiration from the story of Fyre Festival and other music festival failures,  I created eight different symbols, conceptually ranging from substance abuse and youth culture to inclement weather and negligent organization, with each category representing a possible category that can lead to the deterioration of a festival event. Each symbol then has a slide show projected over it describing what it symbolizes, with an overall projected animation that would match the background of the concert going on at the current festival. This allows for the user to decipher and enter the narrative of what each symbol may mean while still allowing for the visual language of the installation to tie in with the current event. The symbol boards were made using illustrator, vinyl and painted wood board, and the videos were made using after effects. 

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