VerifyMe, Inc.

My Role: Branding & Identity, Web Design (UI/UX) Animation, Print Design, Digital Design, Art Direction

Design Lead and Art Direction: Brittany Latham
Design Team: kor group, ltd, including MB Jarosik, Karen Dendy-Smith, Jim Gibson
Content Partner: 43,000 Feet
Web Partner: 3MW


The Brief

VerifyMe™ are brand protection and customer engagement experts. They help customers address highly sophisticated counterfeiting and diversion challenges, achieve new levels of engagement to extend customer relationships and gain high-definition business intelligence throughout the supply chain, to online and in-store purchases. As the design lead for this project, I worked closely with kors creative directors, content writers, and development team to refresh VerifyMe’s brand system to stand out among competitors and improve results.


Our team led in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and users to understand VerifyMe’s capabilities. These qualitative research groups included speaking to VerifyMe leadership (C-Level and Chairman of the Board), Clients, and Partners and conducting a comparative analysis to understand VerifyMe’s competitive position.

Initial Pain Points

  • Website is problematic. There’s no inbound traffic and no lead generation capability. There are also outdated/discontinued products shown, while current products are not represented.
  • Messaging is a challenge. The intricacy of the brand story can be hard to communicate or understand. Key clients also need to remain confidential as stakeholders sell the brand story.
  • Real business challenges. This includes potentially long sales cycles, products can be hard to implement, technology may require frequent changes, and a high sales volume is needed to attain a payoff.


  • Security Investigators/Enforcement who prioritize Authentication, Track & Trace, Online Monitoring
  • Brand Owners who prioritize Engagement, Authentication, and Online Monitoring

Applied Research Outcomes

  • A messaging architecture that clearly defines VerifyMe and its essential products and services
  • A visual identity and hierarchy that reflects the VerifyMe brand and its sub-brands
  • A website strategy, design, and messaging system that communicates capabilities to potential partners and includes industry-specific pages to help sell to verticals. These industries include Apparel, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, and Government.
  • A brand launch strategy re-introducing VerifyMe as trusted partners to protect your brand and grow your business.

Design Highlights

  • A compelling color palette that stands out from competitors and grabs attention
  • Relevant imagery and icons used throughout print and digital collateral as a way to show-don't-tell how the scanning process works
  • A dynamic typographic system allowing for a modular application across design platforms
  • A complete suite of marketing collateral, including tradeshow booths, capabilities brochures, sales presentations, apparel, app design, web design, white papers, stationary, digital design, and investor decks


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